Bint Mbareh discussed Palestine solidarity in very broad terms with close friends at an Exist Festival takeover event invited by Refuge Worldwide at Oona Bar in Berlin.

This was on the 20th of August 2022.

Bint Mbareh is proud to have been mentioned with such flattering language by one of Ramallah's foremost selectors and supporters of subversive sound, Oddz.

"Bint Mbareh is based in London. She’s a co-founder of Exist, and for me, one of the most interesting artists in the region."

Zipangu Publication

Japanese language publication Zipangu featured a small publication on Bint Mbareh's work. She has no idea what it says. She hopes it is kind.

Subversive Transmissions from Palestine

Bint Mbareh contributed a reflection on the Palestinian revolution of May 2021 to Shubbak Festival's online youth platform: Sawa Sawa.

The contribution includes four interviews with Dia Barghouti about the music of the prophet Moses, Dirar Kalash about the Sonic Liberation Front, ANTS about a compilation that included Bint's voice on Avon Terror Corps, and Yamen Omer on his research about Nayef Abu Ayyash, a prominent Palestinian folklore and political singer.

The Rain Songs that Made Me

Before Bint started writing and singing death into her practice, she wrote this eulogy to process the passing of one of the women she interviewed about rain-summoning. Ni'meh was a superior storyteller and an excellent singer as well. This piece is in her remembrance and in her resemblance to what she sings.

Indigenous Sufi Theatre in Palestine: Rain Summoning in the Performances of Bint Mbareh

Written by Dia Barghouti

Excerpt: "This disjuncture between the past and the present forms a prominent part of Bint-Mbareh’s performance. The use of recordings and footage from her fieldwork makes the audience aware that she is engaging with material from another time, another place, of a shared past that many Palestinians may not even be aware of. Yet the improvised dialogues and singing involve the audience in the artistic process while underscoring the present political and cultural moment, and thus represent an acknowledgement of the loss, disjuncture, displacement, and desire to return to one’s origins."

Urvakan Festival

The panel discussion spanned every participant's music-making practices, to how musicians know their history and represent it in the present, to how we honour traditions without making them into vapid imitations of the past.

AP Coverage

This is a montage of Bint's participation in AWAN in 2020 made by Associated Press. It includes a brief interview.